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Having been in operation since 1997, Munster Paving have a reputation for being one of the most reliable independent road surfacing and resurfacing contractors in the Ireland .
We are specialist contractors in surfacing and resurfacing roads, highways, car parks, footways, drives and sports surfaces. Over time we have established good working relationships and have become key account holders with some of the largest aggregate companies in the country. Therefore we can offer machine and hand laid surfaces to cover the following:
Full construction and resurfacing of carriageways, footways, cycle lanes, bus lanes, car parks and driveways. We can also offer you a number of different surfaces for the above as seen in the below table

Playground Surfacing and Resurfacing

We are one of the leading playground surfacing and resurfacing contractors in Munster for supplying safety surfacing. We are able to offer backyard playground surfacing services.

Wheelchair Accessible Playground Surfacing

We also supply and lay wheelchair accessible surfacing for commercial and residential playgrounds and we are ready to undertake residential resurfacing projects.

Sports Surface

We can lay specialised products such as Leisuretex and Courtmaster.We can also undertake some of the associated services linked with surfacing contracts.

Paving Contract Works

As experienced paving contractors we can provide block or brick paving in various styles & colours, supplied by all the major stone merchants.

Driveway Paving Contractor

We offer a full driveway paving service in a range of styles at affordable prices.Please call us for details
Tarmac Surfacing Munster Paving are experienced tarmac surfacing contractors. We are able to fulfil any contract requiring tarmac road
surfacing due to our extensive range of surfacing machines that can handle any tarmac surfacing job from small to
large, ensuring cost effectiveness. Please call us for details

Crash Barrier Installation
We can supply and install height-restriction barriers, parking posts and bollards etc.

As part of a surfacing contract we can undertake small areas of landscaping, including the laying of turf and the planting
of small trees, bushes, shrubs and plants.